Jul 10 2015

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The popularity of outsourcing has led to the emergence of a new international standard

Trend of outsourcing rapidly gained popularity as soon as companies’ worldwide endeavor to be flexible and maneuverable to reduce risks and use of various available sources of competence.

In outsourcing there is nothing new to transfer work to implementation of external companies. At the same time “2014 Global Outsourcing and Insourcing Survey” has shown that in recent years the scope of outsourcing has risen sharply and experts predict that its growth will continue, the growth rate will be 12-26% per year.

Prepared by industry and standardization experts the ISO 37500: 2014 “outsourcing manual” standard addressed to those who have already decided to use outsourcing. The main focuses are on general processes and best practices to achieve success. The standard ISO 37500 addresses to the problem of outsourcing flexibility agreements, making it possible to adapt to business changing needs. Related outsourcing risks are considered from the point of mutually beneficial relations formation between the parties. The standard is applicable to any type of outsourcing relationship, whether it is outsourcing carried out for the first time or not, using the services of one or more service providers; and to the draft agreements, based on service rendering or on results.

In addition, the standard could be adapted and expanded to satisfy specific industrial requirements, to ensure international, national, local laws and regulations legal conformity (including environmental issues, labor, health and safety), to consider the scope and type of outsourcing industry.



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