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Staff certification

Today there are concepts such as human resources and human capital businesses which are increasing because of applicability. At the time when business strategies and technology no longer be a decisive factor in competition, the staff factor comes to a fore. The higher the professionalism, which is expressed in knowledge, skills, the more likely the enterprise will produce quality products consistently (provide the service).

Staff certification it is a degree of independent (third) party periodic assessment of professional training, competence and qualification of certain categories of teams in compliance with requirements specified.

The procedure of staff certification was developed by SIC with the ISO 17024requirements and implies an individual approach to each enterprise, each manufacture, each production section.

Certification steps:

1 Certification application

2 Object certification conformity assessment

3 Assessment results analysis

4 Certification decision

5 Registration certificate (in case of positive decision)

6 Inspection control

In the system the staff certification performs in the following areas:

  • Internal Auditor (management systems)
  • External Auditor (management systems, products, services)
  • Assessor (certification bodies, laboratories)
  • Inspector
  • Manager
  • Consultant
  • Trainer
  • Expert

Certification of the staff who works in different countries is carried out according to uniform requirements.

Certificate validity is determined individually, but shall not exceed 3 years.

Certificate validity period could be terminated in case of system rules violation, including the case of inspection control refuse.

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