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SA 8000

SA 8000 standard (Social Accountability) is a standard that contains requirements to the system of social and ethical management and is intended for use in the third party control system.  Conditions of this standard are universal and don’t depend on geographical location, branch of industry and company size.

The standard provides definition of ethical criteria in the production of goods and rendering of services. It completes ISO 9000, 14000 and OHSAS 18001 standards, being a universal mean of practical realization of the administration’s ethical and moral position.

These are advantages for  the companies that implemented the system of social and ethical management and were certified for meeting the SA 8000 requirements:

For personnel it means:

  • reduction of accidents at work places;
  • possibility of improvement of the working conditions;
  • knowledge of the basic labour rights;
  • possibility to contact the employer directly on the labour right issues;
  • proof that labour rights are good not only for the society, but also for business;
  • improvement of business leads to the economic growth and creation of new jobs.

For employers it means:

  • sound and effective way to demonstrate social accountability;
  • improvement of company’s reputation and popularity of its trademark;
  • additional possibilities to attract and keep the employees;
  • quality improvement and productivity gain;
  • economy from reduction of lost work days and reduction of insurance payments;
  • improvement of relations with employees, labor unions, companies, customers, non-governmental organizations and government.

For customers and investors it means:

  • precise and reliable information for those who are guided by ethical criteria when doing procurements;
  • useful information for socially responsible investors;
  • identification of companies that make considerable progress in observance of humane standards;
  • enlargement of product range and production geography.

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