Dec 23 2014

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Rational Asset Management – with access to international standards ISO 55000 series


a new international standard ISO 55001 (Asset management—Management system—Requirements) on the requirements for asset management was published in January 2014.

Standard includes requirements for policy in asset management, establish business goals, planning, responsibilities and authorities, competence of personnel, management of information, assessment of risks, monitoring, investigation of failures, incidents and nonconformities, corrective actions and constant improvement.

The content of standard is reminiscent requirements ISO 9001, ISO 14001, и OHSAS 18001, however, it emphasis on the systematic and coordinated activities to ensure the stability and continuity of business for asset lifecycle (establishment, acquisition, operation, maintenance, repair, or disposal of assets). And also on the development of strategy, risk management, change management, leadership, involvement of all employees of the organization and teamwork, diagnosis and preventive measures for equipment, organizational culture.

Advantages of the introduction ISO 55001 include: improve business performance, productivity, confidence asset owners and satisfaction of interested parties, organizational culture, viability of the company, ability to optimally and stably manage assets throughout their life cycle, equipment reliability, and also ensuring consistency in decision-making, risk reduction and unsustainable costs.

In addition to the above advantages, certification for compliance with standard ISO 55001 will increase confidence of concerned parties in stability of functioning of the organization, its investment appeal.

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