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Public accreditation of organizations engaged in educational activities

Public accreditation is a permanent system of public and professional recognition of the level of activity of organizations engaged in educational activities.

The goal of public accreditation is to improve the quality of education in general, professionals, students and graduates, as well as increase the level of the teaching staff of educational organizations.

The main task of public accreditation:

  • Assessment of the quality of educational and scientific activities in educational organizations
  • Assessment of the functioning of the quality management system
  • Increasing the responsibility of subjects of educational activity
  • Informing citizens and employers about the quality of trained specialists
  • Improving the quality of educational services
  • Creation of informative base for rating of organizations engaged in educational activities

An organization can be accredited if it carries out educational activities and has the appropriate technical competence.

Technical competence should be provided:

  • Presence of a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001;
  • Availability of qualified lecturers (teachers) (including freelance);
  • Availability of qualified other personnel;
  • Presence of an organizational structure;

If the organization that conducts educational activities has a certificate for ISO 9001 quality management systems registered in the SIC system, a simplified accreditation procedure

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