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“Translation – Translation services Requirements”
The certification audit consists of two stages
1 The first stage (remote audit).
a) test (test) documents.
b) Evaluation of the Customer location conditions and location of production sites.
c) Analysis of resource allocation for the second phase of the audit and agreement with the customer details of the second phase of the audit.
d) As a result of the I phase of the audit prepared a preliminary report. This report shall be provided to the Client within 10 days prior to the on-site audit (the second stage).
2 The second stage (audit at the customer)
a) Collect the necessary data (evidence) by the survey (interview), the study of the documents and observations.
b) Registration of the audit results.
At registration of certification of the results, the following main conclusions:
• Compliance is confirmed (the result of the audit – not less than 90%);
• compliance is confirmed, but found some minor discrepancies, which can be eliminated in the short term (6 months) (audit result – at least 75%);
• revealed significant inconsistencies that can be removed for a long time (audit result – less than 75%). Compliance is not confirmed
3 Register Certificate
The certificate is valid for 3 years (subject to annual confirmation).

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