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Official authorization of works in the system by the established rules

International recognition of certificates, test reports, inspection results that are issued by certification / inspection bodies and laboratories working under the same rules and principles in the SIC system against the requirements of national and international standards and guidelines.

SIC (System of International Certification) is a partnership of organizations that carry out activities in the field of certification and standardization.

Notified bodies and laboratories in the SIC system could be the organizations that have the status of a legal entity or part of an organization (eg, department or division) and which can be recognized by a third party. SIC through the procedure of notification is delegated the authority to carry out specific work in a specific field.

The notified body (laboratory) can immediately begin work on the certification (“easy start”) after completing the procedure of notification and work effectively even in the absence of prior knowledge and experience thanks to:

  • Use of proven business systems, including the methodology of doing business, the use of software sic-pro and other materials.
  • Access to the shared knowledge base.
  • Perform works concerning the certification under the well-known trademark.

SIC International Certificate is the main evidence for the international recognition of all members of the partnership. On the basis of this certificate and at the request of the Customer notified body can use accreditation of other bodies of the System, such as: DakkS, JAS-ANZ, ESYD, GAS,Rosaccreditation etc.

System Registrar performs registration in the system by entering the body (laboratory) to the registry. These data are available on the site. The notified body has access to the electronic database system. Validity of the certificate is set to 3 years.

In accordance with the rules of the System, the notified body (laboratory) has the right:
  • to conduct works in the system in accordance with the scope of notification and the scope of activity;
  • to independently carry out financial activities;
  • to use the sign of the system;
  • to engage auditors certified in the system;
  • to interact with other bodies included in the system on the use of various accreditations;
  • to issue certificates, protocols on the letterhead of the system;
  • to suspend or revoke certificates, protocols in case of violation by the customer of the established requirements;
  • to refuse from the activity in the system, notifying the management of the certification and audit department about this not less than 60 days in advance.
The body (laboratory) is obliged to:
  • to conduct work in the system in accordance with the rules of the system, using the software product SIC-pro, as well as the area of notification and the scope of activity;
  • to interact with other bodies in the system on the use of various accreditations;
  • to be responsible for making decisions on certification, including issuing, suspending, confirming, updating the certificate, expand, narrow the scope of certification and revoke the validity of the certificate;
  • to identify, analyze and document the possibility of a conflict of interest;
  • not to certify the activity of certification of another body;
  • not to offer or conduct consultations, including an internal audit of the activity that it certifies;
  • to respond effectively to complaints and claims;
  • to issue certificates registered in the system on the letterhead of the system;
  • to engage only certified auditors in all audits;
  • to be impartial, ensure the objectivity of the results of work, as well as conditions that exclude the possibility of influencing the results of stakeholders;
  • to undergo the inspection procedure at a set frequency;
  • to pay for the work on notification, inspection control, registration and confirmation of certificates;
  • to report all changes, interactions with subcontractors and other organizations involved in participation in certification activities;
  • to submit annually to the certification and audit department information on the activities of the body (laboratory), as well as strategic and operational work plans.


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