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ISO/TC 29990

ISO 29990:2010 «Learning services for non-formal education and training – Basic requirements for service providers» will help improve transparency and provide opportunities for international comparisons of educational services, offering an alternative to a single international consensus huge variety of national service and management standards, currently existing in the field of non-formal education.

Knowledge has become a key factor in the success of corporate governance around the world, and education is increasingly viewed as a business-oriented service.

The growing economic importance of education in the global knowledge society has created new economic opportunities, such as efforts to provide non-profit educational services. Therefore, quality assurance is becoming a major issue.

The purpose of the standard ISO 29990:2010 is to provide a generic model quality.

New ISO standard is intended to improve the quality of international proposals in informal education and training, such as vocational training, lifelong learning and corporate training.

The standard focuses on the students and process outcomes and emphasizes the full range of options provided training services.

Since the standard describes the issues of learning services providers’ competence (LSP), it can help organizations and individuals when selecting LSP meets their requirements and expectations regarding competence and development opportunities. In addition, it is assumed that the ISO 29990:2010 can be used for certification of the LSP.

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