Apr 07 2015

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ISO 9001:2015 – Communications
or the main key to success in business

Communications are tools for effective management. According to survey, 73% of American, 63% of English and 85% of Japanese chief managers believe that poor communications it is the main obstacle for effectiveness of their organizations. Ineffective communication – one of the main causes of management problems. Effectively working chief executive officers are those who are effective in communications.

The organization should define the internal and external communications essential to the management system functioning, including:
a) on what kind of item to exchange information;
b) when to communicate;
c) with who to communicate;
d) how to communicate.

External communications The internal communications
The customer, supplier of resources, public authorities,
the public media, partners, competitors, others
Interlevel, one level, the chief executive officer – subordinate

The interlevel communications:
– top to bottom – inform executives about planned targets, decisions, orders, etc.
– from the bottom- up – providing reports of performed work, used resources, offers, etc.

One level – information exchanging between departments, shifts, employees.

The chief executive officer – subordinate – clarification of tasks, priorities, results significance, executives` motivation, gap analysis and its causes, allocation of resources.

Efficient functioning of the MQS depends on the way information is transferred through informal channels,
whether it is true or there is deliberate leak of it.

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