Apr 01 2015

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ISO 9001: 2015 – LEADERSHIP

Managers do the job right,
and the leaders do the right job

Organizations which succeed differ from each other in dynamic and effective leadership.

But to be a head of the company and to be a leader – it’s not the same thing.

The new version of ISO 9001: 2015 considers the formation of relationships at the company from the point of leadership. Modern management is impossible without making an individual, innovative approach to change circumstances in order to achieve new and promising directions of development; it means that management is impossible without leaders.

Consequently, traditional working way of management “chief-employee” should go to the next level “leader-follower”.

The standard isn`t containing requirements for assignment of management representative. Responsibility for the quality system management effectiveness lies with senior management, which should have leadership qualities and to be able to lead the team for implementation of management decisions and to achieve established goals.

Senior management shouldn`t have got just power, but it should have an impact on the staff as well. If top management is represented by group of people, it is possible to appoint MQS (management quality system) coordinator among the top management. But surely it is not indemnify top management from any liability.

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