Sep 25 2015

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ISO 52000: improvement of energy efficiency of buildings due to the new holistic approach

iso 52000

In process of solving the global problems to prevent global temperature increase, specific methods for its solution are being developed, such as gas emissions with low carbon. In the construction sector, there is an easy decision of such problems as a reduction in emissions of gases that produce the greenhouse effect, and the creation of of workplaces throughout the world.
Assistance in the decarbonization of the construction sector is the aim of the new holistic approach, which is being developed jointly ISO Working Group on Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB) – an approach that combines climate and energy needs. ISO 52000 is currently in development; it is expected that the construction industry would be in a much better position to achieve the energy efficiency along with the best available technologies and practices. This is because the ways that increase energy efficiency, often contribute to the emergence of new methods of improving operational effectiveness and innovation.
The series of ISO 52000 will allow assessing the overall energy efficiency of buildings. It means that any combination of techniques can be used to achieve the desired level of energy efficiency at minimum cost.
Assessment of energy efficiency of buildings is carried out for different purposes, such as:
–    assessment of compliance with building regulations, which is expressed by limiting energy use, or its due quantity;
–    increasing the transparency of real estate transactions through certification of energy efficiency and / or display of the energy level;
–    monitoring of the energy efficiency of buildings and systems of technical support;
–    assistance in planning the upgraded energy-saving measures, by predicting energy savings obtained by various actions.
The integrated approach means that energy efficiency is estimated as the total energy which is used for heating, cooling, lighting, ventilation, hot water supply, and in some cases, for household electrical appliances.

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