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ISO 3834

Quality management systems in welding

In order to have effective welding production,  its responsible  executives should define sources of possible breaches and implement corresponding processes into the quality system.

According to international standards ISO 9000, welding is defined as a special process, results of which (level of welding joint compliance with the requirements) cannot be supervised to the full extent by the control and final production tests.

These standards can be applied restrictedly, because they cover factors that have impact on the welding quality only partially. That is why standards ISO 3834:2006, which take into account special requirements, are used for quality control of the welding process.

For providing compliance of the welded constructions with the technical requirements during their production and service, it is necessary to provide surveillance, control and corrective actions during preparation and realization of production process, beginning from the stage of commercial offer, contract analysis, including development, production, control before, during and after welding, and ending with acceptance tests.

Main goals of implementing the quality system in welding are:

  • Permanent improvement of welding product quality,
  • advancement of qualification for the employees of all the levels, who work at the welding enterprise,
  • assimilation of modern performant welding technologies.

Welding production encompasses a wide range of products: from pressure vessels to home and agricultural equipment, including cranes, bridges and other welded constructions.

Welding process causes great impact on the cost of manufacture and the quality of production. That is why it is very important that the welding was performed effectively and that every stage of process was controlled.

The quality of welding joints should be provided in the production process. Even the most universal and thorough control isn’t able to improve the quality of welding joints.

It is necessary to provide control, beginning from the stage of designing, selection of materials and ending with the production and further control of product quality, so that welding constructions complied with set quality level and didn’t cause problems during their production and service.

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