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ISO 28000

ISO 28000:2007 «Specification for security management systems for the supply chain» allows to the organizations to create an effective management system for the elements of the supply chain, to  evaluate their  work environment from the point of view of security, as well as define the adequacy of the security measures and existence of the obligatory security requirements that the organization fulfills.

ISO 28000 group now consists of the following standards:

ISO 28001:2007 – Security management systems for the supply chain— Best practices for implementing supply chain security — Assessments and plans — Requirements and guidance.

ISO 28003:2007 – Security management systems— Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of supply chain security management systems.

ISO 28004:2007 – Security management systems for the supply chain — Guidelines for the implementation of ISO 28000.

ISO 28000 is acknowledged by the European Community and can serve as a base for the registration of the company in the EU as an authorized economic operator.

Implementing of ISO 28000 helps to minimize insurance fees and has a positive impact on a credit rating of the company.

Greater attention and investments in the security of the supply chain allow:

  • To reduce the scale of customs audits by 48%;
  • To increase automatization of the imported products’ processing by 43%;
  • To reduce time of transit by 29%;
  • To improve observability of the assets in a supply chain by 50%;
  • To improve time of marine transportations by 30%;
  • To reduce time necessary for the problem detection by 21%;
  • To reduce thefts at the control of the stock by 38%;
  • To reduce overstock by 14%;
  • To reduce decrease of the clients by 26%.

In addition to the lesser risk and higher level of the security, investments in the security of the supply chain can give considerable advantages for organization, by helping it to improve internal operations, to enhance relations with its clients and to achieve general increase of the profitability.

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