Jun 17 2015

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ISO 22000 – RELOADED. Will the foodstuff be safer?

There has been the revision procedure of standard ISO 22000 initiated by International Organization for ISO Standardization.

Such necessity has been arisen due to the fact that since the publication of ISO 22000:2005 producers, consumers and governments of different countries were facing new requirements for food safety.

It is planned that major improvements will be focused on the following goals:
– Terms and definitions updating;
– To provide broader coverage of small and medium-sized enterprises;
– To reduce declarative requirements of the standard;
– To simplify and to reduct the standard;
– To clarify key concepts, such as: critical control points which are necessary for the risk management, operative programs, strategy for risks, return and recall of products, the combination of external control measures.

The updated standard ISO 22000 will have the same format, structure and terminology those other management system standards that will help companies which implemented integrated management systems to ensure consistency between the standards and their integrated use, reading and understanding by users.
At the moment, updated version of the standard was being planned for publication in 2017.

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