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ISO 14021

Dissemination of environmental statements caused the need of development of standards on environmental labeling, that requires to consider all necessary aspects of the product life cycle.

Self-declared environmental statements (hereinafter – the environmental statements) can be made by manufacturers, importers, distributors, retail traders or anyone else who could get benefit from such statements. Environmental statements on products can be in the form of verbal formulation, symbol or graphic image on a product label or packaging, or in the documentation on products, technical bulletin, advertising brochure, advertising through telemarketing, digital or electronic media such as the Internet.

For environmental statements is important guarantee of their reliability. To eliminate the negative market effects (trade barriers or unfair competition) which are a consequence of unreliable and misleading environmental statements, it’s important to check them properly. Method of evaluation should be clear, transparent, scientifically justified and documented so that buyers and potential buyers were confident in the reliability of the statements.

Standard establishes requirements for environmental statements in the form of verbal formulations, symbol or graphic images related products, general methods of estimation and testing of self-declared environmental statements and specialized methods of estimation and testing of individual statements.

The standard does not remove or does not change the law required environmental information, statements or labeling and other requirements.

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