Dec 22 2014

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How are natural natural products? Natural products are in Belarus.

What lies behind the green icon?

If the label shows a food product awards won at any exhibition, it is as if emphasizes the prestige of the brand and adds value to the product in the eyes of buyers. It is clear to everyone. But have you ever thought about the fact that on the label indicates the green circle with the word “natural product”? That, is there nothing living in other products? And what is the degree of naturalness? Asking ourselves these questions, the correspondent of “Deli” did some investigation. And that’s what he was able to figure out.

No antibiotics and growth promoters!

Labelling of food sign “Natural Product” has been introduced in our country June 1, 2008. Requirements which there should correspond goods, pretend to be natural, are set out in a special technical Code.

— The sign “natural product” is applied to products made from natural raw food animal, vegetable or mineral origin, without the use of genetic engineering and artificial food additives, — said Consultant of technical regulation and standardization of the State Committee on Standardization of the Republic of Belarus Svetlana Kurucz. — The decision to grant the manufacturer to affix the sign taken collectively Commission, composed of representatives of the State Standard, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, “Belgospischeprom”, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. If the Commission’s decision is positive, a certificate is issued by State Standard for the right to sign marking “Natural Product” for three years.

What are these natural raw materials? According to Svetlana Sergeevna, to natural food raw materials of animal origin are products derived from animals raised without antibiotics, stimulants, fattening, hormonal drugs. A similar raw materials of vegetable origin include vegetable raw materials grown without the use of growth promoters, pesticides, genetic engineering methods.

— Belarusian enterprises are quite enterprising, especially in recent times, and willingly apply for a green sign, — отметила S. Kurucz. — So, from 2008 to 2010 were issued 207 certificates of 78 companies, in 2011 – already 25 certificates 10 enterprises.

What products are marked with this symbol? Varied: milk and dairy products, butter, canned, prepared foods, baked goods, chocolate, eggs … The list of natural products appear even biscuits, fruits and berries, as well as dumplings and salt!

By the way, no sign on the product label “natural product” does not necessarily mean that it has artificial food additives, etc. Maybe it was just the manufacturer has not bothered to apply.

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