Nov 13 2014

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Forest Certification (FSC)

Forest Certification (FSC)

Unfortunately, the volume of deforestation is often several times the volume of its natural recovery. Therefore in the civilized countries paid much attention to the reproduction of forests and control of its use. Forest Certification (FSC) helps to manage these processes at the international level.

FSC (Forest Stewardship council, FSC) – an international non-profit organization in the form of an association, which consists of representatives from of environmental and social organizations, forest products sellers, foresters, indigenous peoples’ forest corporations, certification organizations from around the world.

The Forest Stewardship Council was established in 1993 in Toronto, 130 participants from different countries and different environmental and industrial organizations.

Activities of the organization shall monitor the development of global standards for responsible forest management, chain standards for promotion of certified products on the market, the accreditation of independent certifying bodies, the development of rules for the use of trade mark FSC, creating demand for certified forest products to environmentally sensitive markets.

Types of certificates:
1. Forest management certification (FSC FM) – certification of the company that leads forestry. The company does not receive the right to use the mark FSCTM, but only receives a certificate and the corresponding registration number of the certificate.

2. Integrated certification of forest management and chain of custody (FSC FM / CoC) – Certification of enterprises engaged in forest management for the purpose of harvesting, processing and sale of forest products on leased forest areas. Gives the right to use the mark FSC ™.

3. Chain of Custody certification (FSC CoC) – provides an assessment of organizations engaged in processing, purchase or repurchase of certified wood or wood-based products. Upon successful completion of the certification organization receives a certificate and the right to use the mark FSCTM. Certification under this scheme is carried out for compliance with supply chain FSC-STD-40-004 v.2-1.

4. Certification of Chain of Custody and Controlled Wood (FSC CoC / CW) – Certification of organizations engaged in processing, transportation and sale of forest products in the event that the organization plans to purchase and / or use in the production of non-certified wood or wood-based products. Extras is checked for compliance with the standard for company evaluation of FSC-Controlled Wood FSC-STD-40-005 v.2-1. Do not give the right to use the trademark FSC. In which each successive stage of processing of forest products in the new company, which implies its processing, repackaging and relabeling must pass the certification chain. Moreover, the products obtained from the forest, which has only certified forest management, has no right to enter into a further supply chain, that is, without having a certificate FSC FM / CoC, logger products may not appear in the next stages of processing as certified and the more marked sign FSCTM.

Market products with the FSC logo is estimated at 30 billion. Dollars, or 7-9% of the total market wood and paper production, and the pace of development of the “green” sector of the market on the order of superior growth rates of uncertified sector.

Currently on the market there are FSC certified products are related to the following positions:

  • Office Paper
  • Printing paper
  • Newsprint paper
  • Paper packaging, bags
  • Products for sanitary purposes
  • Floor coverings (parquet, laminate)
  • Doors, windows, stairs
  • Wooden houses
  • Materials for the construction and finish (plywood, lumber, etc.).
  • Consumer wooden products
  • Office supplies

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