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Certification HALAL

As is well known, “Halal” it has long established itself worldwide as the definition of what a Muslim is a suitable food – regulated in detail in the Qur’an by God, consecrated religious traditions and time-tested.

Marking “Halal” – the official certification that these products and services are fully compliant with Islamic beliefs and traditions.

Certification “Halal” warrants the components, the use of which is unacceptable for a true Muslim – namely, pork, blood, the meat of animals put to death without the name of Allah on their lips or in the name of some deity or saint, which equates to idolatry. As well as the meat of animals put to death in other animals, suffocation, electric shock, died from a fall or blow. Meat predators – tigers, lions, wolves, and others, as well as birds – eagles, hawks, falcons and others, as well as meat pack animals – mules, donkeys; dogs.

Certificate “Halal” means, in addition to “correct” from the point of view of religious canons, the purity and safety of food, its health benefits for consumers and the absence of harmful components. Strict compliance with the requirements for shelf life and storage conditions – products “Halal” is of interest not only for the people of the Islamic world, but many of the requirements applicable to the production state bodies of sanitary supervision, which proves their universal value.


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