Oct 05 2015

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ATTENTION! Published a newly revised version ISO 14001:2015


The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published the updated «ISO 14001:2015. Environmental Management Systems. Requirements with guidance for use» on September 15, 2015. Thus, the process of revising the ISO 14001 standard has been completed. The new version of the standard replaces version of ISO 14001. Nevertheless, there is planned a three-year transition period.

The new version of the standard meets the latest development tendencies of the global business community. The main features is the increased interest in companies to environmental issues, the recognition of the impact of industrial activity on climate change and the ability to prevent negative environmental impacts due to the introduction of instruments for sustainable development.

Now, as ISO 14001 approaches 20 years in existence, Anne-Marie Warris, Chair of ISO/TC 207/SC1, the technical committee that developed the standard and undertook the revision, is confident that the new version promises its relevance for 20 more. «ISO 14001 has fulfilled many of the dreams we foresaw over the last 20 years, including helping people to manage all their environmental issues in a holistic manner. Looking forward, the new version will help with a stronger integration between environmental issues and an organization’s strategic action planning and thinking». Chairman adds: «I foresee the life-cycle perspective and supply chain issues embedded in ISO 14001 becoming stronger in the future».

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