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AS/EN 9120

AS/EN9120 – «Quality management systems. Requirements for storage and wholesale trade of products for aerospace industry» is an aerospace model of quality management systems for control of quality of aerospace details’ storage and distribution.

AS 9120 was developed with the use of ISO 9001 standard and is based on the requirements for development of international harmonized standard  that will satisfy the needs of aerospace companies all over the world, in addition to expanded regulatory requirements to the aerospace distributors.

AS 9120 is designed for use by organizations that produce details, materials and mounting components, and sell these products to the clients of aerospace industry. It includes also organizations that are engaged in procuring products and divide them into smaller batches.

This standard establishes the requirements to the quality management system, if organization:

a)      needs to demonstrate its capability to supply  successively the products that meet requirements of customers and applied law and regulatory requirements;

b)      aims to rise level of customers’ satisfaction by effective application of the system, including processes of constant system improvement and provision of meeting the customers’ requirements and relevant law and regulatory requirements.

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